2022 Internship EOI

In 2022 Macabre Theatre Company will offer its first company Internship. From December 2021 - June 2022 our participants will work across a range of productions and be instrumental in developing two original shows. Participants will work to develop the signature style of Macabre Theatre, drawing on:

- Physical Theatre

- Heightened Realism

- Musical Theatre 

These elements blend to form the high energy and engaging work seen in previous Macabre Theatre productions. 

Participants will engage in two weekly workshops, Thursday evenings and also a full Saturday session. At times taking on roles across all elements of production design. 

The core aim of the Macabre Theatre Company Internship is to develop skills and experiences to allow local artists to expand and create more paid professional work within our regional area. Additionally, these skills will also be beneficial to performers wanting to then move to other arts education opportunities across the country. 

Applications for our Internship 2022 have now closed